The rules of the library

The rules of the Masaryk Public Library in Vsetín

  1. The role of the library is to provide a general and equal access to cultural values and expert information contained in books and information funds to all citizens and institutions. This role is fulfilled through lending services (both absent and present), bibliographical-information activities and through organization of cultural events for public.

  2. The year reader´s fee:
    120,- CZK adults, students
    60,- CZK children, apprentices, pensioners
    20,- CZK one-off lending

    After paying the fee the reader will be given a reader´s identity card which is nontransferable and entitles its holder to borrow literature in the particular library. Every reader shall produce the reader´s identity card immediately after entering the library. In case of loss of the reader´s identity card the reader shall pay the fee of 20,- CZK for the issue of a new card. The reader´s identity card is nontransferable.

  3. The reader can borrow no more than 5 books, magazines and musical recordings. The librarian is entitled to grant an exception. The lending time limit is 1 month, for selected magazines only 14 days. The lending time limit can be prolonged on the request of the reader if the book is not required by other readers. The lending time limit for magazines cannot be prolonged. The library provides for the literature which it does not have in its own funds through inter-library lending services from other libraries.

  4. The reader shall return the borrowed book in a given time and undamaged. Reminder will be sent to the reader who will not return the book in time and s/he shall pay a charge:
    - 1st remainder 5,- CZK
    - 2nd remainder 15,- CZK
    - 3rd remainder 30,- CZK
    - remainder letter 40,- CZK.

    The first and the second remainder is not delivered by post.
    Individual remainders are sent in 10 days periods after the preceding remainder. If the remainders have no result, the library will claim the books back through judicial proceedings. The reader shall pay all legal expenses.

  5. The reader shall notify damages of the books at the time of borrowing. The reader takes all responsibility for potential damage found out by the library at the time of returning the book.

  6. In case of lost, total or partial damage of a book or a magazine the reader shall compensate the loss by
    - the same copy of the same work
    - financial compensation - the cost of the book + 100,- CZK, the cost of the magazine + 30,- CZK
    - providing a bound photocopy of the book.
    - The librarian shall decide the way of compensation.

    The reader shall pay 10,- CZK for the damage of the bar code.

  7. The reader shall notify the library about
    - changes in his name, address, identity card number
    - the loss of his reader´s identity card
    - catching contagious illness and shall provide for the disinfection of books.

  8. The rights and duties of the reader shall expire by
    - deregistration
    - the withdrawal of the reader´s identity card because of breach of the rules of lending services and disrespect to instructions of the librarian.

  9. It is the right of the director of the library to grant dispensation of the rules of the library and assent to all its changes and attachments.

  10. The director of the library shall issue the rules of the library.

  11. Excerpts of the rules of the library can be produced for the purpose of a better orientation of librarians and readers. The rules of lending services - an excerpt - shall be signed by the director of the library.

Vsetín, 1.1.1999
PhDr.Helena Gajdušková, Director MVK in Vsetín

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