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About the Wallachia region

Photo"The Wallachia region belongs to the poorest but also most beautiful regions of our country. It stands out for its so many beauties of nature and peculiarity of its traditional character that nobody can ever forget about it...." says the introduction to the book The Wallachia District diligently prepared and published in 1938 by local enlightened teachers. Nothing has changed on their words over the 60 years. Wallachia still does not belong to rich regions but the hilly countryside, charming nature scenery with picturesque wooden houses will prepare nice experience for you. The more this is true if you like hiking and test the Wallachian hills literally by your own feet.

If tired after a long hike you can get down to towns Vsetín, Rožnov or Valašské Meziříčí. Each of them will offer you something different. For example a bit of Wallachian history in castles and museums or Wallachian architecture in the famous Rožnov open-air museum, works of art you can admire (and buy) in many galleries. Or would you better taste something from the local cousin? After a delicious Wallachian specialty you will have enough time to refresh your mind as well.

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Catalogue of regional literature

The Masaryk Public Library is preparing a specialized regional catalogue for those interested in Wallachia concentrating all publications with the regional subject matter and from regional authors that are available in our library.


Vsetín singpost

  • Vsetín www page on which you learn interesting information about the history and presence of the town, about hiking possibilities in the region and about services for citizens and visitors of the town.

  • The Vsetín observatory has been actively disseminating astronomy and other natural sciences for almost 50 years.

  • The VATRA cinema offers detailed monthly program of films to be shown on its page.

  • THE HOUSE OF CULTURE organizes cultural activities for the citizens of Vsetín and its surroundings.

Other pages with the Wallachian subject matter

  • Valašské Meziříčí introduces the second largest Wallachian town on its pages.

  • Rožnov pod Radhoštěm is a peaceful Wallachian town famous mainly for its lovely open-air museum.

  • The Wallachian Open-Air Museum is well-known among visitors from all over the world. Go through its www page before you visit Rožnov p.R.!

  • Information about tourism possibilities in Beskydy Mountains can be found on pages of The Information Center in Frýdek-Místek.

  • Frenštát po Radhoštěm is another town, spreading out beneath the mythical Beskydy hill.

  • On this page you can find interesting information about Štramberk and Štramberská trůba.

  • Hukvaldy is not only the birthplace of Leoš Janáček but ruins of the largest Moravian castle can also be found here.

  • Not far from Zlín there is Lešná castle with a small ZOO.

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